Tuesday, 27 November 2012

MMA Fools

I saw this comment on Facebook and how right he is.

Our own experience at the Club these so called hard men turn up for a couple of sessions find it to hard leave then brag about how they do MMA

Dan Murray Change is fine. But I don't see mma as a martial art. I like to watch it and I've competed in it but it had no spiritual or educational value. Not all, but most mma fighters I have met are egotistical thugs who like to say there a "cage fighter". That's not martial arts and there certainly not martial artists. This isn't true of all but it wouldn't be true at all if martial arts values where included.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kids MMA


Michael Hutchinson is starting a brand new club the only one of its kind in Swale a Kids MMA Class this for children over 8 years and will operate on a Monday Night 7pm till 8pm

What is kids MMA

Kids MMA literately means Mixed Martial Arts and combines Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Judo, Sombo and Jiu Jitsu all into one art. The Children are taught in very disciplined environment. They learn how to throw, Hold people on the ground, how to use focus mitts, Kick pads and punch bags. Most importantly they are taught to use control and not to use their new skill’s in the playgrounds. Michael has works extensively with teachers to get the right age and like many others does not agree with teaching children under 5 any form of Martial Art.

The Kids will be charged just £17.50p per month by Standing Order as he will be affiliating his club to the Swale Martial Arts Club, the price will include all Judo lessons at the club. So for £17,50 they can train on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Michael says it is not about making money it is about getting young people active and fit. He also stated that the Swale Martial Arts Club in East Street Sittingbourne is the ideal venue with a very large mat area, tongue and groove padded walls it looks and feel like a Japanese Dojo, he wanted something with atmosphere not just a box.

Michael is a fully qualified MMA, Combat Sambo and Sombo Coach he has full Coach Insurance and all his pupils on joining the new Kids MMA Club will also be insured he can be contacted on mik.hutch@hotmail.co.uk For those parents who do not want to subject their children to being taught how to kick and punch they should try Judo and contact Keith Costa kcba19892@blueyonder.co.uk or for all other forms of Martial Arts contact ibfbcsa@gmail.com

Jane Keith

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Warriors supported by Lateef

 Warrior Grappling Academy 

Members of to World Sambo Championships 

Minsk Belorussia

This weekend

Lateef Indian Restaurant in Bell Road Sittingbourne sponsored the members Jackets