Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No to Inspired Grant Yes to Small Grant Award

About year ago the Swale Martial Arts Club applied to the Sports Councils for Inspired Facilities Grant. We want to build in another floor at the club to encompass better changing area and classrooms. Sorry to say we did not get the grant it seems our application was a worthy one but there was just not enough money tog around. It seems strange that money from the lottery and government is poured into a few top-level sportsmen/women to make them International winners so the politicians can brag about how good the country is, yet grass roots support is being cut. The 2012 Olympics has proved to be a financial success for UK ltd and it has made athletes who were funded by the Taxpayer millionaires. What it has not done is to encourage more people to do sports and encourage businesses to support grass root sports and invest government money into all sports. The sports that are getting the money are the ones that can get the UK Kudos one would have thought by now all governments would realise Sport is much more then winning medals.

You may have noticed we did not carry on with the Club Mark Scheme. This scheme it meant to be a kite Mark for sport sadly to say it is just about bureaucrats making a jobs for themselves, it cost money and the SMAC could not see any further benefit. It was interesting to note we were sent 2 invigilators to watch a class both had no idea of Judo/Sombo and one walked on to the mat and started to talk to the Kids training, apart from the fact she walked on with her shoes, she did not inform the instructor she created a health safety issue. We had a really good revue how well the club was run, how friendly we were, quality of the coaches were excellent, good facilities etc. but we were not yet suitable because we did not have enough paper work on the notice board. Here was an organisation that gave a club a Club Mark to a club who was teaching children as young as 3 to kick and punch. The SMAC Committee decided enough was enough and they would rather not be associated with an organisation that allowed this sort of abuse to children

Interesting enough we received a Sports Council Grant for just under £7862 for mats, Sombo Cover and jackets at the end of 2012. Seems they had confidence in us

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Smile for Miles

Many members of the Young Judo Club turned up at Sheppey Rugby Club to support "Smiles for Miles" a fund raising event for YJC  members Miles Loscombe who was hit by car and suffered sever injuries and is in a wheel chair, he is in need of constant attention. Miles is now at home and YJC Instructor George Loscombe and his wife Debbie are doing a marvellous job in looking after him. There dedication has seen improvements in Miles, hopefully with love and prayers he will get even better.

The YJC gave a small display and then encouraged people to have a go which many did including my youngest grandson George. He is not yet 5 so still to young to attend a class but we allowed him to have 15 minutes which he enjoyed. The display was led by George Loscombe 1st Dan, Jamie Marzetti 1st Dan and Keith Costa 4th Dan. The YJC would like to thank all those who took part and all families who turned up to support the event. Also present was British Combat Sambo Super Heavy Weight Champion Michael Hutchinson


4 year old in fist fight

My grandson George is 4 years old and he is always getting into fights at playschool and I do not mean pushing and shoving real fistfights. It seems that he sticks up for his weaker mates who are bullied which is good in itself but there must other ways then fighting. Interestingly enough when he fights he goes into a boxing stance as does the other boys. Where do they get this from certainly not from us all I can think of its TV? He is stopped and told to shake hands and not to do it again. The other day he was involved in a ruckus obviously they were stopped and without being told they both shook hands. What concerns me is that they no longer see this as fighting, just a sport.
Most of you know my feeling about teaching young children striking arts and here is proof that just watching Striking forms of Martial Arts makes them settle differences by fighting can you imagine if you taught them to do it. Some say it teaches them discipline that may or may not be true but was it does teach is that Kicking and punching someone hurts them. That is why I encourage children under 5 to do Gymnastics this teaches discipline and body awareness without any form of violence, then advise them to move on to Grappling Arts which involves no punching or kicking. I obviously prefer Judo and Sombo as that is my field of expertise but there are many other grappling styles. Grappling is more natural to youngsters not only humans but in the animal kingdom as well as the process involved is about subduing your opponent with out injury a process of play.
I am not against Striking Arts just believe that should be taught at a later stage in a child’s development