Monday, 30 July 2012

World Sombo Trials

8 members of the Warriors Grappling Academy traveled to Bedford, for the British 
Sombo trials. Bradley Belsey, Casey Belsey,Ashley Costa and Jamie Marzetti all 
won their weight groups and are now part of the British Sombo team to compete in 
the World Championships in November.
Coach John Clarke said "It was a really hard competition, with many great fighters from 
all over England competing for their place in the British team. Out of the 8 
places up for grabs, 4 of them were taken from my club and that is amazing. I am so proud 
of all of the lads, they did them selves and the club proud. Well done.
"The star of the day had to be Jamie, who not only won 3 golds, but one of them was 
in the o82 open. Jamie himself only weighs 82kg and he fought 2 lads who were 
over 120kg, that takes some doing."
Bradley Belsey 2 golds, one in u74 open
Casey Belsey 1 gold, 1 bronze in u74 open
Ashley Costa 1 gold, 1 silver in the u74 open
Andy Smith 1 silver
Keith Brown 1 bronze
Jamie Marzetti 3 golds, one in the o82 open
Ryan Sylvester 1 bronze
Micheal Hutchinson 3 silver one in o82 open.
Anyone interested in Sombo contact John on 07825224940

Sunday, 22 July 2012

BSF Centre of Excellence

Sombo Judo Tuesday 8pm a session not to be missed

Well done Casey on a Bronze at Welsh Judo

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sombo Training

With the up coming world championships in Belarus and the British team trails in 
Bedford people are traveling from all over Kent to train at the centre of 
excellence for Sombo at Sittingbourne
GB national coach, John Clarke said " it's great to see so many grapplers, from 
Gravesend,Folkestone,Canterbury and Walderslade willing to travel to train at 
the warriors club alongside future and past world champions. The pedigree of the 
club can boost at least 8 world medalist over two decades. Anyone interested in 
doing Sombo/Judo or MMA contact John on 07825224940

Friday, 13 July 2012

Spitfire Club Visit To Sittingbourne

Spitfire Club (Capel & Hawkinge) are arranging a senior club visit, for an evening training session, to the Warriors Grappling Academy this Tuesday the 17th. July. Any-one interested, or who needs transport form the Folkestone area, please contact Colin Carrott 01303 258942

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bedford July 28th

Saturday July 28th


Contact Russell Dodds



Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sombo & Combat Sambo

Colin Carrott Master of Sombo will be teaching this Thursday GrandMaster Martin Clarke is on Holiday lesson starts at 8.30pm Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne

Combat Sambo Instructor Mik Hutchinson will be starting his First Combat Fitness session on Thursday at 7.30pm a great new way to get fit. He will be starting Combat Sambo (Jacket MMA) on a Monday in September at 8pm

More on Kent Open

on another warm weekend at crystal palace sports centre 2 senior players and 1 junior competed in the Kent international judo tournament.this competition has set a real task for players to get to and its spread over 2 days with up to 1000 players taking part
Liam Jordan as the junior u30 kilo didn't place as didn't Ashley costa fighting in the u73 kilo senior category but seemed to be competing not only the other competitors, but referees as well and had possibly some harsh decisions' against him.
the other player who now trains at the club Casey belsey placed third in the u66 kilo category in this group were some real class players and although the numbers were low the quality was there. In his fight for the bronze medal Casey had the measure of his opponent within the first 30 seconds of the fight and totally dominated it,he went on to win by ippon.

Keith Costa

Monday, 2 July 2012

Nage No Kata Course

On Sunday the 1st July 7 people attended a Nage No Kata and Goshin Jitsu course run by John clarke 5th dan and Colin carrot 4th dan. The course was for people who are are going for there judo grading in August at sittingbourne. Kata is a very important part of judo and in the IBF anyone wishing to go for there brown and above have to pass there kata course first, all of the above passed and can now move on. Anyone interested in Judo or any forms of Grappling contact John on 07825224940

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Family Judo

Friday Night Family Judo Class going great Guns why not join em Keith Costa 3rd Dan every Friday 7.30pm at Swale Martial Arts Club