Tuesday, 30 December 2014

SMAC Timetable 2015

New Timetable 2015


Judo/Karate/MMA/Sport Sambo


 7-8pm Basic Senior Judo

8pm Sport Sambo


6pm Judo 5,6,7 years

7pm Judo 8 years to 14 years

8.15-10pm contest training Senior



6.30pm Junior Sambo

7.30-9pm MMA


6.30 Junior Judo

7.30-9pm contest training Senior



7.30-9pm Family Judo


10.30am Junior Shotokan Karate.

1.30pm Senior Kyokushinkai Karate 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

More on Germany Listening to the Bells

I apologise for using this KentCombat Blog for some reason I can't log in to my Personal Thoughts in Germany

Well today is Sunday the best day so far at The Christmas Market not so many people about and you can see the Market much better. This is a proper German Christmas market not like those ridiculous ones in the UK see a few more photos.

Another thing about Germany they still treat Sunday as Christian day of worship and a day of the family, some bars and Restaurant are open but all shops are closed. Compare that with the UK where all we think about is materialistic issues we are becoming a selfish secular society . The Church Bells are ringing when was the last time you heard Church Bells in the UK if you did someone will complain that they are to noisy or are offending Muslims. Although I am against immigration in general, those Polish  who came here have been Catholic and have high moral standards, maybe their children who will be true Brits will bring some sort of moral dimension to a immoral, selfish,  corrupt UK Society

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Eve Club/Dortmund Christmas Market

Christmas Eve Club AGM

Taste of Portugal 1pm

All welcome to celebrate Christmas with Martin and the Christmas Eve Club


Val and myself travelled to Dortmund for 3 days to see one of the best Christmas Markets in Germany the Christmas Tree is supposed to be the largest in the World as it is made up of lots of smaller Christmas Trees. The Market is certainty one the best I have ever seen and is worth a visit. 

The only complaint is that there is so many people that it is a fight to get in a Bar or one of the GluWine stalls and by 10pm you have a lot of youths screaming and shouting because the amount of alcohol consumed. This went on to the early hours they were not the yobs we see in the UK but just a group of School kids, I was in Germany every Summer when I was at School visiting my Grandparents and this type of behaviour would never been accepted. The standard of behaviour, good manners and morality has changed for the worse through out the West

On the Saturday we visited my Mothers home town Witten-Annen was this a nostalgic trip? NO it was because Val wanted to go to the Aldi and Lidl. Stuff is so cheap here Vodka £4.20, Wine £1.50 so you can imagine my car is full. Just one other thing the Graffiti in Germany is the worst I have even seen it even private houses are attacked. Well tonight Val intends buying Christmas sweets, I have been a naughty boy as I diabetic I have to be careful what I eat but I could not resist just one German Cake my first cake in 18 months.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

End to a perfect year

Young Judo Club/Warriors Grappling Academy
Last Night of Training for 2014

One hour of Fitness from Judo/Sambo Players

The Presidents Cup has seen a great interest in Sambo which we think will improve next year. Martin Clarke will return to Coaching Sport Sambo on a Monday

It has been an amazing year for the club with over 3300 people through the door doing Judo, Sambo and MMA and the club producing 4 British Champions, 2 Commonwealth champions and a President Cup Silver medal along with 6 dan grades.
Club coach John Clarke who is also the National Sambo coach said what a year it's been and next year is going to be even better. Watch this space.
New Timetable next year for Adults.
Mon 7-8pm basic Judo
8pm Sport Sambo
Tuesday 8.15-10pm contest training judo/Sambo
Weds 7.30-9pm MMA
Thurs 7.30-9pm contest training Judo/Sambo
Friday 7.30-9pm Family Judo
Sat 12.30-2.30 Karate.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

World Cadets Day 2

Day 2 World Cadet Championships Cyprus

Cyprus is the ideal place for a competition in December the temperature is 74 F and it is sunny, prices are cheap. Val and the boys are even in the out door pool and sea cannot be better except all drivers including Coach drivers are on the phone and the flies are every where

Day 2 saw Brendan Springett and Fergus Hamilton in action once again our boys lost there first fight and this time their opponent never went through to the final so all that way to sunny Cypress for just one fight. Brendan fought Akhmet from Kazakhstan and eventually went out after a hard fight on an armlock, Fergus once again fought hard but lost to Frenchman Elio on points

The standard as I have said was unbelievable and the one thing we have learnt is that training just once or twice a week will not get you International acclaim and you need to have a strict Sambo lesson. We in GB are inclined to mix our Grappling Sports and this does not perfect Sambo Techniques. Sports like Judo, BJJ are far to restrictive in what you can and can't do. That is why I am starting a Sambo Class on a Monday in the New Year if I get enough interest.

This year the BSF had enough funds to pay for the 3 fighters this will not happen next year. So in future competitors will have to pay their own way but we have a lot of time to save and next year a lot of the tournaments are in reasonable priced Countries with regard to travel costs. Europeans in May Zagreb Croatia, November World Senior Casablanca, World Cadets December Bulgaria, World Masters October Israel So if you want to compete for GB you have to enter the British Open

Friday, 5 December 2014

World Cadet day 1

World Cadets Sambo Championships 2014 
Day One


This was the first time in over 20 years that the BSF have sent a British Team to the World Cadets Championships the last time we participated FIAS was a lot smaller and the Cadets etc were included in the main World Championships. Our team consisted of Fighters Richard Seaman, Fergus Hamilton, Brandon Springett, Mick Seaman Manager, Martin Clarke BSF President, Valerie Clarke BSF Hon President.

The flight to Cyprus was no problem and getting through Customs was a joy from leaving the plane till we were in the Taxi 20 minutes that has to be a record then an hour drive from Pathos to Limassol, the hotel Navarria was excellent, food was good but the room did not meet Valeries standards (nearly a Sharon moment), The Spiros Kyprianou Stadium was very big and excellent but sadly very few spectators. As per usual the Coach trip to the venue was horrendous

The standard of the competition was excellent and as expected dominated by the Eastern Europeans. I have never seen 15/16 years old of this standard in either Sambo, Judo and Wrestling, we in the UK have a long way to go and this is why this competition was so very important to attend. It was a learning curve for myself and the boys.

Richard Blue

Our First and only fighter on day 1 was Richard Seaman his match was against Apanasevich from Belarus. Richard made the mistake of trying fight him like Judoka, where you feel your fighter out first, this is not what happens in Sambo. Samboist have much larger range of techniques in their arsenal and come out all guns blazing he defeated Richard with a leglock His opponent got to the final so Richard has chance of a Bronze and his opponent was Amaandeldi from Kazikstan although Richard lost this the fight but it went nearly the whole distance, Martin told him to take the fight to his opponent and this he done making many attacks, twisting out of throws and escaping armlocks he eventually lost 12 pt to 0 . This was not a disgrace he fought like a Sambo Player and with a liitle more experience will become a potential International Medallist
Day 2 to follow