Tuesday, 3 July 2012

More on Kent Open

on another warm weekend at crystal palace sports centre 2 senior players and 1 junior competed in the Kent international judo tournament.this competition has set a real task for players to get to and its spread over 2 days with up to 1000 players taking part
Liam Jordan as the junior u30 kilo didn't place as didn't Ashley costa fighting in the u73 kilo senior category but seemed to be competing not only the other competitors, but referees as well and had possibly some harsh decisions' against him.
the other player who now trains at the club Casey belsey placed third in the u66 kilo category in this group were some real class players and although the numbers were low the quality was there. In his fight for the bronze medal Casey had the measure of his opponent within the first 30 seconds of the fight and totally dominated it,he went on to win by ippon.

Keith Costa


  1. Ashley Throws the guy on his back see second throw and he is awarded Waza-ari. Now tell me how you can Score IPPON?

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