Saturday, 6 October 2012

Young Judo Club Loyalty Trophy


YJC Coach Keith Costa is introducing a Club Loyalty Trophy to be presented every 3 months this is to reward children who are dedicated to the club. To gain this prestigious award you have to attend on a regular basis enter Competition, Courses and grading’s regularly, have an open mind to Grappling Sports like Sombo and MMA. Plus train at the Young Judo Club only.

The YJC is doing its bit to maximise on the Olympic Games it has dropped its prices and includes more lessons now you can train 3 times a week for just £17.50p pcm paying standing order that works out at about £1.50p per lesson no other Judo or Martial Arts Club can offer such a price, plus we offer discounts for Families.

So contact Keith on 07894145187 for more information or got

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