Monday, 13 May 2013

1986 and all that

Do You recognise these people you should

 If you did not they were 1) Peter Barwell and Margret Clarke, 2) Referees John Clarke, Susan Clarke and Stephen Kontozi. Fighter Ken Cassell and Dave Boulding 3) The little fellow is John not his son Lewis

I believe this was the 1986 Swale Martial Arts Club Championships

7th & 8th Kyu
Gold B Page
Silver G Fost
Bronze I Carpenter & B Fisher

6th & 5th Kyu
Gold R Bailey
Silver K Carpenter

3rd Kyu and above
Gold J Mackness
Silver B Wood

Over 35 years
Gold B Wood
Silver K Cassell
Bronze P Fitsimons & D Boulding

15 - 18 years
Gold R Taylor
Silver A Wellsman

71K Kyu:
Gold A wellsman
Silver K Cassell
Bronze D Boulding

78k Kyu
Gold B Page
Silver I Carpenter
Bronze K carpenter

Over 1st Kyu
Gold J Harris
DSilver A kontozi
Gold G Frost
Silver A Wellsman
Bronze J Harris & K Cassell

Over 35 Years

Gold A Kontozi
Silver D boulding
Bronze P Fitzsimmons & K Cassell

Gold A Wellsman
Silver B Fisher

Gold J Harris
Silver B Page
Bronze R Bailey

Shiai Jutsu:

Gold A Wellsman
Silver B Wood

Over 71k
Gold J Mackness
Silver J Harris
Bronze A Kontozi

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  1. OMG Lewis looks just like him when he was younger