Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fernando Compte


The Founder and Father of FIAS (Federation International Amateur Sambo) Fernando Compte has sadly died.  Fernando took Sambo from being just a Sport of the old Soviet Union to a World Wide Sport. It was in Madrid (Spain) June 13, 1984 that Fernando started and organised the inaugural meeting of FIAS and Great Britain was part of the first ever Committee with Bert Jacobs from the British Wrestling Association serving as a member. In 1986 the British Sombo Federation was formed by Martin Clarke the current Chairman, he served in several postions on FIAS as Treasurer and European President. Yet none of this would have happened without Fernando Compte. Fernando was an extremely generous and likeable person, always immaculately dressed. The test of his generosity came when the BSF organised the World Championships in Herne Bay Kent, one of the teams a large one, left without paying entry fee, hotel and travel. The BSF was left to pay all of this as the event had been a financial loss it was me Martin Clarke who was expected to pay the hefty bill, Fernando saw that I was upset and paid the bill out of his own pocket.

I will remember Fernando with great affection and great respect, a good friend. An icon in the World of International Sport.

REST IN PEACE Fernando Compte our prayers go out to his family

Martin Clarke
BSF Chairman

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  1. Thank you very much on behalf of the family of Fernando Compte.
    For my father the fight, sambo was his life and until the last moment of his life his eyes lit when we were talking about it. It should be an example for many people, he love what he did until the end of his days.We very much appreciate all the love and the beautiful phrases that say Fernando Compte. I wish he would have received the appreciation before, it would have made him happy.
    once more, thank you.