Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sittingbourne News a disappointment

Sittingbourne News a disappointment

When the East Kent Gazette collapsed it came as a big disappoint to the Martial Arts and me. The EKG always supported our club from when my parents Nobby (John) and Margret Clarke started the club in 1957. When the club was 50 years old I produced a hard back book of all the articles printed in the EKG over that period, sadly that is unlikely to happen from now as most our articles are never printed much to the dismay of parents and members. I have no idea why this is the case maybe it is because of my frequent letters I send in on my own personal thoughts and my stand against the EU and Gay Marriage, maybe there is a Gay Pro EU reporter who knows but my personal feelings should not interfere with the reporting of factual pieces with respect to the club, it never did with the EKG. So to keep up with Club events, go to
Some weeks ago I asked to advertise with the Sittingbourne News I wanted to take two ½ pages at considerable cost I also wanted to advertise my but was told they would accept the Martial Arts Advert but not the BlogSpot something the EKG had accepted in the past obviously I placed the advert somewhere else maybe that also upset them. Funny how the freedom of the press is a one way street.

Martin Clarke

PS since I started my Blog it has had nearly 60,000 hits

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