Monday, 28 January 2013

Warriors Award Night

Gary Barlow Look a Like attend Awards

The Warriors Grappling Academy held their Annual Awards Ceremony on Saturday and a special Guest a Gary Barlow look a like, when he entered the room all the women started to swoon.

The awards are given on an annual basis and the recipients have their names put on the Honours Board in the Club

OMA award this is a rather unusual award as it is in memory of Mrs Margret Clarke 4th Dan who with her Husband John (Nobby) Clarke founded the Young Judo Club in 1957 and it was her money that purchased the old Methodist Church in East Street Sittingbourne in 1978 which was to become the Swale Martial Arts Club both were a fore runner of the Warriors Grappling Academy. When her son Martin had children they would refer to her as OMA (German for Granny) once other children heard this they all used the name. The award is for someone who has dedication and cares for the Club and its members.

OMA Award Peter Wise 

Club Persons of the year went to the two youngest members of the Senior Section
Lewis Clarke and Richard Seaman

Young Judo Club Award George Loscombe for stepping in for YJC Senior Coach Keith Costa during the illness of his wife Lyn

Players award given by the Clubs Coaches Bradley Belsey

Players Player Keith Brown

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