Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Faversham Invitation Judo Championship

Invitation Junior Judo Championships
April 14th Abbey School Faversham
What a tremendous competition this was, the entry was about 65 youngsters with about a 100 spectators. Two mats on the go and everything finished in 3 ½ hours. Faversham J C must congratulated on an excellent organised tournament and obviously thanks to all the helpers

This competition reminded me of the hay days of Judo back in the 1970’s/80’s with lots of enthusiasm form both parents and children but with better mats and better organisation. The new venue for the Faversham Club is fantastic with many halls on site, the club have the facilities to organise a small friendly competition to a large International Tournament I have already asked if they can run IBF Open in October/November. The feature of the lovely Banners hanging from the beams also gave the event atmospheres; Club Coach Lee Reeves who has a company making banners plus T Shirts he even tells me he is moving into bespoke wallpaper supplied these. So who will be the first to have a room with Judoka wallpaper would you like me to be the model?

Well done Faversham J C especially Trevor Davies 6th Dan and George Holbrook 2nd Kyu
 And I look forward to many more tournaments.

If you enjoyed that competition why not try the Kent Open Sombo, Sombo is a Russian form of Judo and for children it is not a lot different to what they are doing now with slight difference I rules. For example you cannot lose on a hold down maximum of 4 points on a hold other points are 1pt 2pts 4pts. To win the fighter with the most points, 12 points clear margin or total victory which is throwing someone on their back but remaining in a standing position.
This is a great way to improve your Judo as you get more chances to try your techniques have a look at the advert

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