Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hutch MMA

Michael Hutchinson is doing a great job promoting the MMA in Sittingbourne he has a web site plus twitter account and now a Facebook account  why not give him a visit.

 Sittingbourne News has blacklisted me and anyone connected with me because I put a blog criticising their advertising policy ( so much for press freedom), as I have said before the local newspaper is the thing of the past, the net, various social networking sites, blogs, local radio and soon local TV are the way to communicate, newspapers will fold which will be good for the environment. Listen to SFM Radio in a weeks time and you will hear our latest ad.

Russell Dodds is running the British Open Sombo in Bedford in June and already he has a team from Cameroon and the USA attending, I hope all you Sombo Players in GB will

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