Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Would You Pay £40 for a lesson

WOULD YOU PAY £40 pcm 
for one lesson a week for Kids

Yes that’s what a new Club/Gym is charging for kids as young as 8 ye. Once again I have to warn people MMA is not a recognised as a sport by UKSport. The idea you teach young children to kick, punch, strangle, break arms is disgraceful. The British Wrestling Association recognise FILA Amateur MMA for adults only. If a youngster wants to start grappling try Judo, Sombo or Freestyle Wrestling most of the top fighters started in these sports. Most probably the most famous of all MMA fighters is the Russian  Fedor Emelianenko he started his career in Judo and Sombo as a child and then moved in Combat Sambo, then he moved into MMA and cage.

So if you want a Club  that give you value for money join the Young Judo Club or Warriors Grappling Academy www.sittingbourne

Below Fedor with Club Coach John Clarke

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