Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Martin Teaching Again? Not for long

John could not do his lesson on Tuesday was ill so I shocked them all took the lesson myself the first time in 6 years. Put the Jacket on felt a bit tight but when I tried my belt it was way to big so have lost about 10 inches round the waist. Had a job putting the belt round me a damaged left shoulder doesn't give me much movement. Any way spent the lesson teaching the skills of timing using foot throws as my means of approach to the subject. I also taught a minor reap when I started I felt there was something wrong but could not put my finger on it until I was walking out of the Dojo and Colin Carrott said you was calling Ko Uchi Gari, Ko Soto Gari. Was the students being polite by not correcting me or didn't they know?
I used Ashley Costa 4th Dan as my Uki, I never realised how much bigger I am to most of them and how old I look, mind you had a little pull around with George Loscombe and 14 year old Richard which I enjoyed. Still got good fitness but how I have changed from when I used to compete, Would have preferred to have worn a Sombo Kurtka but the last one I had that fitted me I sent Pakistan to have copies made and was never returned are well see what I look like in the next 6 years when I take a lesson. 

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