Saturday, 20 July 2013

Smile for Miles

Many members of the Young Judo Club turned up at Sheppey Rugby Club to support "Smiles for Miles" a fund raising event for YJC  members Miles Loscombe who was hit by car and suffered sever injuries and is in a wheel chair, he is in need of constant attention. Miles is now at home and YJC Instructor George Loscombe and his wife Debbie are doing a marvellous job in looking after him. There dedication has seen improvements in Miles, hopefully with love and prayers he will get even better.

The YJC gave a small display and then encouraged people to have a go which many did including my youngest grandson George. He is not yet 5 so still to young to attend a class but we allowed him to have 15 minutes which he enjoyed. The display was led by George Loscombe 1st Dan, Jamie Marzetti 1st Dan and Keith Costa 4th Dan. The YJC would like to thank all those who took part and all families who turned up to support the event. Also present was British Combat Sambo Super Heavy Weight Champion Michael Hutchinson


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