Saturday, 20 July 2013

4 year old in fist fight

My grandson George is 4 years old and he is always getting into fights at playschool and I do not mean pushing and shoving real fistfights. It seems that he sticks up for his weaker mates who are bullied which is good in itself but there must other ways then fighting. Interestingly enough when he fights he goes into a boxing stance as does the other boys. Where do they get this from certainly not from us all I can think of its TV? He is stopped and told to shake hands and not to do it again. The other day he was involved in a ruckus obviously they were stopped and without being told they both shook hands. What concerns me is that they no longer see this as fighting, just a sport.
Most of you know my feeling about teaching young children striking arts and here is proof that just watching Striking forms of Martial Arts makes them settle differences by fighting can you imagine if you taught them to do it. Some say it teaches them discipline that may or may not be true but was it does teach is that Kicking and punching someone hurts them. That is why I encourage children under 5 to do Gymnastics this teaches discipline and body awareness without any form of violence, then advise them to move on to Grappling Arts which involves no punching or kicking. I obviously prefer Judo and Sombo as that is my field of expertise but there are many other grappling styles. Grappling is more natural to youngsters not only humans but in the animal kingdom as well as the process involved is about subduing your opponent with out injury a process of play.
I am not against Striking Arts just believe that should be taught at a later stage in a child’s development

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