Monday, 2 December 2013

Martin Receives FIAS Award

Martin Clarke receives FIAS Award

Martin who is chairman of the British Sombo Federation received special medal at the World Sambo 
Championships in ST Petersburg Russia. The medal was to celebrate the 75th year of the birth of Sambo, the Russian Jacket Grappling Sport, only eight other people received this award throughout the World. This was a great honour for Martin and he received the award from FIAS President Vasily Shestakov in front of packed worldwide audience.

He was in very good company  and the only one who was not part of the Ex Communist Block here are the following recipients:

1 Ceslovas Eserskis - the first World Champ. 1973 (Lithuania)
2 Ivan Tikhomirov - Hon. trainer (Russia)
3 Murat Khasanuv - 11 times World Champ. (Russia)
4 Fedor Emelianenko - 4 times World Champ. (Russia)
5 Djeikhun Mamedov - 7 times World Champ. (Azerbaidjan)
6 Haltmaa Batulga (Mongolia)
7 Vasil Sokolov (Bulgaria)
8 Aleksey Shor (Russia)
Martin is no stranger to receiving awards from FIAS in 2008 World Championships he was presented with a Gold medal for services to International Sambo, he was also presented with another medal for being in the top 10 of most influential Sambo Personalities in the World.

After the award ceremony Martin commented, “ I am pleased that my wife Valerie was here to see my award but I was saddened that my parents Margret and Nobby were no longer with us to share my pride in receiving this excellent award. For it was them who started me Judo in 1955 at the age of 5 that led me to Sambo”

So why has Martin been honoured in such a way. He started Sambo in 1975 under the auspice of the British Wrestling Association and in 1984 he was asked by the BWA to form a team for the World Games, which was to be held in London 1985. The team was very successful, 4 Bronzes, 1 Silver, 1 Gold. Martin’s competition success in Sambo was World games Silver, World Championship Silver, World Masters Silver plus World Masters Judo Gold, World Jiu Jitsu Silver, Moscoe Olymic reserve 

FIAS was formed in 1984 Martin has been a member since 1985, in 1986 he founded the British Sombo Federation, he has been a Executive Committee member of FIAS, FIAS Treasurer and in 1989/90 was FIAS European President.

Martin has always supported FIAS and sometimes will criticise some of the things FIAS EC  do but has always believed in strengthening the organisation, he is a firm believer in that under the Presidency of Mr Shestakov FIAS has advanced tremendously. He like the rest of the BSF look forward to the day Sambo becomes and Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport

Well Done Martin

Keith Costa

BSF Secretary


  1. It was with great pleasure that I read in this morning's in a link that you had received the FIAS Award in recognition of your many contributions to the service of international Sambo.

    I can think of no more worthy recipient of this prestigious award, and feel certain that the selecting committee has made an excellent choice.

    This award brings honor not only to your good self, but to the entire British Sombo Federation of which you are such an illustrious Chairman.

    Please accept my warmest congratulations, and those of everyone here at Ghazi Leather.

    Once again many congrats !!!!