Friday, 31 January 2014

Young Judo Club lessons for just £1.25p

Founded 1957

The Young Judo Club /SMAC offer Sambo, Judo, Kurash MMA, Combat Sambo all within one membership. Our £30 Annual Joining fee includes membership to Swale Martial Arts Club, Young Judo Club, International Budo Federation, British CombatSombo Association. Our clubs are affiliated to British Judo Association, British Sombo Federation, British Wrestling Association All Governing Bodies plus British CombatSombo Association, International Budo Federation and British Grappling Association.
All our members have personal Accident Insurance 
Junior Judo Players can train Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for just £20 per month for 11 months of the year we close August that is just £5 per week or £1.25p per lesson if attending a club where they charge £2.50p per lesson for  the equivalent lessons would cost £10 per week or £43.63p pcm
Our Adult Players it is £30 pcm for the same amount of training
Keith Costa is also starting a training session on a Saturday for children all in the monthly fee

Adhoc Junior Judo Players are not encouraged in the Club for Coaching reasons but mainly for Health and Safety precautions

The Club has a permanent Dojo with GMats, Showers and Sauna

The Club is most probably the oldest or one of the Oldest in the SouthEast formed in 1957 by Margret and Nobby Clarke
In those years it has trained many thousands of people plus produced many hundreds of Black Belts. The Clarke family has now its 4th generation of Judoka, the Costa Family its 3rd generation of Judoka many of our Black belts also have grown up children who are Black Belts. Many Judo Clubs in the County can boast there founders were trained by the Young Judo Club

Our members Junior and Senior have travelled the World competing and attending courses many other Judo Club instructors were originally taught by the YJC

The Club has produced World medallists in Judo, Kurash and Sambo

Many of the Clubs at SMAC organise fund raising events to help with players travelling expenses plus we organic many social events for the whole family.

In a time when doing Sport fees are becoming out of the reach of local people the YJC offers an affordable quality activity all in a Community Amatuer Sports Club

"Quality before Quantity' is our motto

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