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Judo Returns to Swallows PLUS


On Sunday March 23rd 2014 the Young Judo Club returned to the Swallows Leisure Centre Sittingbourne after a 3-year break. For many years now Martial Arts participation has been in decline and participation in Competition has been at all time low. People have been more interested in watching rather then participating hence the interest in Cage Fighting and MMA the latter meaning all things to all men, both are not recognised as Sports by UKSport. So slowly but surely people are returning to traditional Combat Sports like Judo, Kurash, Sambo, Combat Sambo, CombatSombo Wrestling, Karate, Free Style Wrestling, Belt Wrestling, Back hang Wrestling to name just a few. All these styles of Combat have been held at the Swallows so it was good to see the long awaited return.

Over 300 people attended this Judo event organised by the Sittingbourne Young Judo Club  as can be seen by the photographs, the event had various age and weight groups. Ages were Boys/Girls 5 and over -
Junior 8--‐14 years Youth Male –Female 15, 16, 17 Senior Men-Women. The YJC did offer an MMA Grappling event but no one entered it was a shame as it was open to all comers all that was required was insurance cover.

The oldest of the Swale Martial Arts Club affiliated clubs is the Young Judo Club, established in 1957 by Nobby and Margret Clarke. This husband and wife team started the YJC so their sons Martin and Norman could have somewhere to train, as in the 50's children were discouraged from doing Judo. The YJC was the first junior Judo club in Kent and is one of the oldest in the country. At its peak in the mid 70's the club had over 20 branches throughout the South East of England. Now there is just the original club in Sittingbourne, Milton Regis, and Bexley.

There were some terrific matches with some excellent high throws, just shows that the Judo Coaches are doing an excellent job in producing quality Judo Players. Many of those participating today have entered the British Sambo & Combat Sambo championships to be held on April 5th in Bedford

The YJC would like to thank all those who helped at this event and for the International Budo Federation in supplying officials. Main organiser was Keith Costa , Referees were Colin Carrott, Miles Brown and Russell Dodds.

Due to the success of this event there will be several other events organised

27th April Judo, Sambo, MMA competition. 8th June. Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne
Faversham Judo competition
22nd Ju No Kata course Kata Competition Faversham.
22nd July Judo & Sambo Competition Bedford

In October at the Swallows the Young Judo Club will be organising a Judo, Kurash, Sambo, Combat Sambo, Belt Wrestling, Lucha Canarias and MMA competition, which be open to all associations, this will be the first of its kind to be run in GB

Judo a Japanese Martial Art
Sambo a Russian Jacket Grappling Sport
Combat Sambo a Russian Strike and Grapple sport
Kurash a Jacket Wrestling Sport from Uzbekistan
Belt Wrestling from Asia
Lucha Canarias Wrestling Style from the Canarias Islands
MMA Grappling under BSF rules

Swale Martial Arts Club East Sittingbourne has also seen an upsurge in membership with most of the Combat Styles being practised at the Venue but was also have a very vibrant Karate Club on a Saturday morning which head by Paul Sargent 3rd Dan. Paul has been with the Club for over 20 years. Paul teaches Shotokan Karate, which is based on the traditional Martial Art of Japan rather, then Europeanised Competitive version

For those interested in training at the club they can contact us on 07074 200150/ or visit our web site at

SMAC caters for all ages 5 years and above and all the tournament mentioned are for the same age bracket

 Combat Sambo
 Lucha Canaria

  Belt Wrestling

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