Friday, 28 March 2014

Warriors/Young Judo Club March Newsletter

March  2014

Welcome everyone to our third newsletter of the year. I hope last month letter was very informative and you marked down all the dates for diary.
It is very important that we support all the competition that clubs are running within the IBF as there is a lot of hard work and hours that go into running a competition and of course these competition cost money. Not only is it natural progression for your child to fight in as many competition as possible, but it will also help in their quest for higher grades within Judo.  

Attendance for the month:  over all lesson.

Junior Judo.
Weekly trophy winners were: Bradley, harry Higgins,jayden scales,Kieran webb,lousie henry,

The trophies are handed out each week to a student who has either worked really hard or done a technique really well or has impressed the instructor with their attitude towards others and the class. Well done you and your parents should be very proud!

Competition results: Still awaiting from Mr Costa the full report from the competition last month, this will follow in a separate email.

Grading results: No grading in January. Next Grading Saturday March 29th

Senior Judo.

Well done to Richard Seaman for winning gold in the Sittingbourne open Blake Southfield and Keith Brown for getting a Bronze medal. I was very impressed with all of you and how much your technique have improved well done.

This year George Loscombe started up a Sombo/Combat sombo class for kids, this is the first time anyone has tried this but going by the numbers attending his class it seems to be very successful. Sombo is a completely different sport from Judo with less restrictions and uncomplicated rules, it is much easier sport to follow, however it is not for the fainthearted. George also does a weekly Trophy winner and these winners are: erin duggan, Olivia crosswell, milly loscombe.

Warriors grappling academy MMA is a mixture of Judo, Sombo, Combat Sombo, Kick Boxing and boxing all rolled into one. This is also a sport not for the fainthearted. The class consists of throwing with no jacket submissions, punching and kicking as well as hard core fitness. The club is going from strength to strength. This is an adult class only (14 and over).

Up Coming Competition and Courses.
5th April British Sambo/Combat Sambo Open competition in Bedford.
27th April Judo,Sombo and MMA competition in Sittingbourne at East Street.
8th June Judo competition in Faversham.
22nd June Kata course Faversham.

Junior Judo 6pm - 7pm and 7pm – 8pm
Senior grappling 8.15pm – 10pm

Junior Sombo 6pm – 7pm
MMA 7pm – 9pm

Junior Judo 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Senior Judo 8pm – 9.30pm

Family Judo 7.30pm – 9pm

Club Prices
Adult £30 a month (SO only) cash £35 or £8.50 a lesson
Junior £20 a month (SO only) cash £25 or £6.00 a lesson
Membership £30 a year running from the 31st March every year

Club Coaches
Head Coaches: John Clarke 5th dan & Keith Costa 4th dan.
Club Coaches and Instructors: Ashley Costa 4th dan, Collin Carrott 4th dan, George Loscombe 1st dan, Keith Brown 1st kyu, Hayley Costa 3rd kyu and Casey Belsey 1st dan.
All coaches and instructors are fully insured with first aid certificates and CRB checked.

Don’t forget the Sittingbourne open on Sunday the 27th April at East Street.
A report of the swallow comp will follow well done to everyone that fought it was a great day well done.
Hope you all have a great month and look forward to keeping you regularly updated every month with our club newsletter!

John Clarke.
Head Coach
Master of Sombo
5th Dan Judo 

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