Thursday, 30 April 2015

Faversham Open Judo

On Sunday April  26th 2015 Faversham Judo Club held its Annual Open Judo Club at Abbey Sports Hall, Abbey School. The sports hall is an ideal Venue for a tournament like this, it is big enough to have two Judo size mat areas with plenty of spectator space in fact at a push 3 mats could be used. It has been suggested that the IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships maybe staged at the School in 2016/17, this would a great coup for the Faversham Club who ran an exceptional competition and I am sure they would be a great host for the International Tournament.
Young Ladies Action

The Faversham club is well over 40 years old and has recently seen a revival of Judo in fact all IBF Clubs have seen increase in Judo membership which is great for the sport

Faversham Coaches Sue Tanner-George Holbrook-Trevor Davies

The main organisers for this event were Trevor Davies, George Holbrook and Miles Brown and I know they would want to thank all the helpers. With over 200 people present it had to be run just right and it was. The event started at (.30am with a demonstration of Kime No Kata by Greg Garside 4th Dan and Tim Thomas 3rd Dan and the whole event finished at 2.30pm.

A happy Winner

There was many good fights during the Day and it was good to see more Judoka acting as referees but I would like to see the return of a referee and 2 judges rather then 1 referee, Miles tells me he will be running a Referees course in the near future so hopefully this will change. Another pleasing thing was that they used Old Judo rules i.e. rules that were used before the recent International rules were imposed by the IJF. These rules have been very controversial and many believe they have been to the detriment to Judo as a whole
Finals Kyu Grade Open Referee Miles Brown 

The next Competiotion at Faversham will be in October and I expect it will be bigger and better


     U25 (group 1)
LUKE GREEN                                                                                 GOLD                      YOUNG JUDO CLUB
LEO MONTAGUE                                                                        SILVER                    FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
HARRY WILLIAMS                                                                     BRONZE                 BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
    U25 (group 2)
AMARA GRIGGS                                                                         GOLD                      YOUNG JUDO CLUB
SAM BELLERBY-BROWN                                                        SILVER                    FAVERSHAM JUD0 CLUB
DYLAN TOLMAN                                                                         BRONZE                 SPITFIRE
    U25 (group 3)
EDWARD BROOKER                                                                   GOLD                     FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
OAKLEY                                                                                             SILVER                   SPITFIRE
JOSEPH BOLTON                                                                          BRONZE                BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
    U30 (group 1)  
WILLIAM BRICE                                                                            GOLD                     YOUNG JUDO CLUB
KYLE GRACE                                                                                    SILVER                   BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
BEN WHITE                                                                                     BRONZE                SPITFIRE
    U30 (group 2)
ZAC POLLARD                                                                                GOLD                     SPITFIRE
BENJAMIN REID                                                                           SILVER                   FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
CHARLIE TURNER                                                                        BRONZE                FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
    U30 (group 3)
LIAM KEMP                                                                                     GOLD                     YOUNG JUDO CLUB
DYLAN FARNES                                                                             SILVER                   FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
JAYDEN CROSSINGHAM                                                          BRONZE                BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
OWEN COULSON                                                                          GOLD                    DEAL
MITCHEL CROSSWELL                                                               SILVER                  YOUNG JUDO CLUB
BEN SMITH                                                                                       BRONZE               BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
  U35 (group 1)
DANIEL STRINGER                                                                       GOLD                     LYMINGE
THOMAS ASCOTT                                                                         SILVER                   FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
FRAZER FENTIMAN                                                                     BRONZE                FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
    U35 (group2)
CAMERON FENTIMAN                                                                 GOLD                   FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
CONNOR LINK                                                                                 SILVER                 FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
CAMERON HUGHES                                                                     BRONZE              SPITFIRE
LUKE TANNER                                                                                  GOLD                   FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
GIL BARKER                                                                                      SILVER                 FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
ALEX MEARS                                                                                     BRONZE              BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB

    (group 1)
KIERAN HADLEY                                                                              GOLD                  FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
ELLIS HOLIDAY                                                                                 SILVER                FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
HARRY SMITH                                                                                   BRONZE             FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
                                                          (group 2)
THOMAS GOLDSMITH                                                                 GOLD                  FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
ETHAN KING                                                                                     SILVER                SPITFIRE

AVA WESTPFEL                                                                                GOLD                  BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
LEIA GREEN                                                                                        SILVER                YOUNG JUDO CLUB
ANNA BARNES                                                                                  BRONZE             FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
GRACE VICKERS                                                                               GOLD                  FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
CHARLOTTE EVITTS                                                                        SILVER                FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
ISABELLE BARNES                                                                           BRONZE             FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
                                                          U40 (group 1)
ELLA CUTTING                                                                                   GOLD                 FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
OLIVIA CROSSWELL                                                                       SILVER               YOUNG JUDO CLUB
JAMIE POULTNEY                                                                            BRONZE            YOUNG JUD0 CLUB
                                                          U40 (group 2)   
EVY WILLIAMS                                                                                  GOLD                 BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB
CHLOE LINK                                                                                        SILVER               FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
CORA GOODMAN                                                                            BRONZE            FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
BETHANY POULTNEY                                                                     GOLD                 YOUNG JUDO CLUB
AMELIE NEWIES                                                                               SILVER               FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
FRANKIE JACKSON                                                                          BRONZE            BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB

FRANCESCA ASPEY                                                                          GOLD                 SPITFIRE
BEA WEADON                                                                                    SILVER               BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB

FRANCESCA ASPEY                                                                          GOLD                 SPITFIRE
CONNIE LAWRIE                                                                              SILVER               YOUNG JUDO CLUB

FERGUS HAMILTON-JONES                                                        GOLD                 WARRIORS GRAPPLING ACADEMY
BRANDON SPRINGETT                                                                  SILVER               WARRIORS GRAPPLING ACADEMY

DOMINIC GOODMAN                                                                   GOLD                 FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
MICHAEL MONTAGUE                                                                  SILVER               CANTERBURY JUDOKWAI
ANDREW BUXTON                                                                          GOLD                 CANTERBURY JUDOKWAI
GRAHAM ALSTON                                                                           SILVER               MEDWAY PARK
NATHAN JOHNSON                                                                        BRONZE            LYMINGE
CHRIS COULSEN                                                                                                 GOLD                 DEAL
DARREN QUESTED                                                                          SILVER               FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB
DAVE PALING                                                                                    BRONZE            BEXLEY YOUNG JUDO CLUB

RYAN SYLVESTER                                                                              GOLD                 SPITFIRE
ROWAN TUTT                                                                                    SILVER               CANTERBURY JUDOKWAI

BRANDON SPRINGETT                                                                  GOLD                 WARRIORS GRAPLING ACADEMY
FERGUS HAMILTON-JONES                                                        SILVER               WARRIORS GRAPPLING ACADEMY
DOMINIC GOODMAN                                                                   BRONZE            FAVERSHAM JUDO CLUB

RYAN SYLVESTER                                                                              GOLD                 SPITFIRE
CHRIS COULSEN                                                                                                 SILVER               DEAL
GRAHAM ALSTON                                                                           BRONZE            MEDWAY PARK

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