Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Judo/Sombo and MMA/Combat Wrestling Tournament

Warriors Grappling Academy

Judo/Sombo and MMA/Combat Wrestling Tournament

Swale Martial Arts Club 

127 East Street Sittingbourne ME10 4BL

Sunday MAY 24TH

Dear Friends

The Warriors are organising a small tournament at SMAC a small venue for an Intimate small competition. It will be for juniors and seniors, Male and Female.

Judo will be for juniors and all senior Kyu grades.

Sombo is only for 15 years and above

The cost is £10 per person but any adult can enter all the events for £15 if they wish. All junior players will be matched according to weight on the day.

Under 8s will book in at 9.30am

The divisions are Boys & Girls 8,9,10 – Boys & Girls 11, 12. 13, 14.All Book in at 11.30am.

Young Person 15, 16, 17 book in at 1pm.

Adult judo/Sombo/MMA Combat Wrestling will have the following weight group’s u60 u70 u80 u90 and o90 book in at 1pm.

As you can see there are different time for age groups to book in. This way one group will be finished before the other groups start and this will stop overcrowding in the dojo.

For this to be a success we will need to have your entry with money by 18th May 2015 to John Clarke 118 east street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX (cheques made payable to JOHN CLARKE)


So please fill in the form below and fill every section especially your email and Mobile number.






Phone Number

Many Thanks
John Clarke
Master of Sombo
5th Dan Judo

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