Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Eve Club/Dortmund Christmas Market

Christmas Eve Club AGM

Taste of Portugal 1pm

All welcome to celebrate Christmas with Martin and the Christmas Eve Club


Val and myself travelled to Dortmund for 3 days to see one of the best Christmas Markets in Germany the Christmas Tree is supposed to be the largest in the World as it is made up of lots of smaller Christmas Trees. The Market is certainty one the best I have ever seen and is worth a visit. 

The only complaint is that there is so many people that it is a fight to get in a Bar or one of the GluWine stalls and by 10pm you have a lot of youths screaming and shouting because the amount of alcohol consumed. This went on to the early hours they were not the yobs we see in the UK but just a group of School kids, I was in Germany every Summer when I was at School visiting my Grandparents and this type of behaviour would never been accepted. The standard of behaviour, good manners and morality has changed for the worse through out the West

On the Saturday we visited my Mothers home town Witten-Annen was this a nostalgic trip? NO it was because Val wanted to go to the Aldi and Lidl. Stuff is so cheap here Vodka £4.20, Wine £1.50 so you can imagine my car is full. Just one other thing the Graffiti in Germany is the worst I have even seen it even private houses are attacked. Well tonight Val intends buying Christmas sweets, I have been a naughty boy as I diabetic I have to be careful what I eat but I could not resist just one German Cake my first cake in 18 months.

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