Saturday, 6 December 2014

World Cadets Day 2

Day 2 World Cadet Championships Cyprus

Cyprus is the ideal place for a competition in December the temperature is 74 F and it is sunny, prices are cheap. Val and the boys are even in the out door pool and sea cannot be better except all drivers including Coach drivers are on the phone and the flies are every where

Day 2 saw Brendan Springett and Fergus Hamilton in action once again our boys lost there first fight and this time their opponent never went through to the final so all that way to sunny Cypress for just one fight. Brendan fought Akhmet from Kazakhstan and eventually went out after a hard fight on an armlock, Fergus once again fought hard but lost to Frenchman Elio on points

The standard as I have said was unbelievable and the one thing we have learnt is that training just once or twice a week will not get you International acclaim and you need to have a strict Sambo lesson. We in GB are inclined to mix our Grappling Sports and this does not perfect Sambo Techniques. Sports like Judo, BJJ are far to restrictive in what you can and can't do. That is why I am starting a Sambo Class on a Monday in the New Year if I get enough interest.

This year the BSF had enough funds to pay for the 3 fighters this will not happen next year. So in future competitors will have to pay their own way but we have a lot of time to save and next year a lot of the tournaments are in reasonable priced Countries with regard to travel costs. Europeans in May Zagreb Croatia, November World Senior Casablanca, World Cadets December Bulgaria, World Masters October Israel So if you want to compete for GB you have to enter the British Open

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