Friday, 5 December 2014

World Cadet day 1

World Cadets Sambo Championships 2014 
Day One


This was the first time in over 20 years that the BSF have sent a British Team to the World Cadets Championships the last time we participated FIAS was a lot smaller and the Cadets etc were included in the main World Championships. Our team consisted of Fighters Richard Seaman, Fergus Hamilton, Brandon Springett, Mick Seaman Manager, Martin Clarke BSF President, Valerie Clarke BSF Hon President.

The flight to Cyprus was no problem and getting through Customs was a joy from leaving the plane till we were in the Taxi 20 minutes that has to be a record then an hour drive from Pathos to Limassol, the hotel Navarria was excellent, food was good but the room did not meet Valeries standards (nearly a Sharon moment), The Spiros Kyprianou Stadium was very big and excellent but sadly very few spectators. As per usual the Coach trip to the venue was horrendous

The standard of the competition was excellent and as expected dominated by the Eastern Europeans. I have never seen 15/16 years old of this standard in either Sambo, Judo and Wrestling, we in the UK have a long way to go and this is why this competition was so very important to attend. It was a learning curve for myself and the boys.

Richard Blue

Our First and only fighter on day 1 was Richard Seaman his match was against Apanasevich from Belarus. Richard made the mistake of trying fight him like Judoka, where you feel your fighter out first, this is not what happens in Sambo. Samboist have much larger range of techniques in their arsenal and come out all guns blazing he defeated Richard with a leglock His opponent got to the final so Richard has chance of a Bronze and his opponent was Amaandeldi from Kazikstan although Richard lost this the fight but it went nearly the whole distance, Martin told him to take the fight to his opponent and this he done making many attacks, twisting out of throws and escaping armlocks he eventually lost 12 pt to 0 . This was not a disgrace he fought like a Sambo Player and with a liitle more experience will become a potential International Medallist
Day 2 to follow 

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