Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Going Home

At long last I am on my way home from Japan not going to be pleasant, had to leave our room at 11am and go to aeroport. Can not put cases in till 6pm as flight leaves at 9.15pm then 8 hour flight to Dubai, 4 hours at Dubai then 6 hour flight to Gatwick by the time I get home to dear old blighty I will have been travelling for 30 hours. The business class seats are good but they never make anything to fit men my size, so the likely hood of me sleeping for any length of time is remote.

Was the trip worth the effort Yes I think so would I do it again definitely NO. The Japanese people are very polite but communication has been extremely hard, harder then any where I have been in the world. Japanese are in the main very slim and healthy looking there diet is a lot to do with that. The Country is scrupulous clean and you do not get the low life as we do in UK. I never saw any druggies, drunks, misfits, chavs and any teenage mothers in fact most children were accompanied by both parents. You were never pestered by beggars charity collectors every one dressed smartly although there was a separate dress code for the young. As for prices we were warned it was very expensive well we did not find that in fact everything was on par with the UK with the a exception to cameras, TV etc these were sometimes 30% cheaper. It was a great experience but I will be glad to be home in the bosom of my good lady wife Valerie 

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