Monday, 24 November 2014

Japan Good and Bad

Tomorrow we fly back home can't say I am sorry to go, been high and lows. The Hotel was OK but miles away from any were like any Aeroport Hotel better transport should have been laid on. Tokyo as I mentioned was a disaster and the language barrier has been the worst have ever encountered, maybe you do not expect the general public to understand English but an International Hotel you take ii for granted they would be fluent.
The highs were the excellent run World Sambo Championship, old Narita town where the Temple was this was what we expected of Japan and its traditions. Here nearly all the shop keepers spoke english, myself and Russell visited the place 3 times. Today it was pouring with rain but we got into a taxi to visit a traditional restaurant you can see details on the movie clip. Lastly the food was excellent I have put some photographs so you get some idea of the food.

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Menu for you to study



Ginger Chicken with Sticky Rice

These were pickled fish 1/2 the size of a Gold Fish they were delicious

Clear Soup not sure what the round things are but tasted alright

Russell Made a Friend

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