Sunday, 23 November 2014

Last Day of Worlds

Last Day of Worlds in Japan next year Morocco 
Barry and Matt warm up

Last day of the World Championships in Narita Japan and our hopes of a medal were pinned on Matt Clempner in the U90k Combat Sambo. His first match was against Libebe (FRA) who has medalled at several World Tournaments and is rated in the top 4 in the World. Matt a previous World Sport Sambo Bronze Medallist tactics were to take the fight to the Frenchman to get in close and use his throwing skills to the best of his ability. The Frenchman countered his attack with a superb 4 pt throw, Matt eventually lost by 12 pts. His next fight was against Japan this fighter was a major worry to us as he only lost to the Frenchman by just 1pt but Matt surprise us all be annihilating him by 12 clear points. The Bronze medal fight of was against Uzbek sadly Matt was well beaten he was caught with a 4 pt throw, held down for a further 4 pts and then was picked up of the floor and thrown with another 4 pts to finish the contest. This last throw proved somewhat controversial with Barry Gibson and Russell Dodds who attended a referees seminar in Russia in October 2013, they were told this manoeuvre was to be disallowed, another rule change that has crept in was on the Hold downs. In the past if hold was given the time could pass the Match Time this has now changed and the Hold time must be in the allotted time zone of the match.

This years Worlds were once again of the Highest standard but it was good to see other countries outside the Eastern Block getting into the medals, shows the sport is growing. Of course there were a few moans, There was no end of Worlds Banquet something we have come to expect and the teams were spread through 4 hotels which did not let all participants to gather together on a social side where you create a bonding something I feel is important. The equipment checks were not 100% I saw players with White Gloves and Robin saw someone with either Black or very dark blue shorts, to some this maybe a minor problem but I do not think so as rules should be adhered, Yet after all that the Tournament was well run without any hiccups and the Japanese Sambo Federation should be congratulated for that

I was somewhat disappointed with Japan as I had this idea of seeing lots of traditional houses and people in traditional dress but Japan is a modern Western Country so the past become a museum piece. Tokyo is a modern city and all cities now look the same throughout the world

The food was excellent in Japan as you can see how Russell shows of using Chopsticks, I used fingers and Robin's cousin  must have used a shovel or he is training to be a Sumo Wrestler

Ladies attending a Wedding at the Hotel. What I expected of Japan

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