Thursday, 20 November 2014

More on Japan

With the FIAS Congress due for the afternoon we spent the morning going to the local Shopping Mall not a great deal to say as they are the same the World over but I was amazed in a Non Christian Country how they going full out for Christmas which in some respect is good and some bad. Good that everyone is enjoying the Holiday, Bad because they forgetting it is a Christian Festival the celebration of the birth of the Son of God and the clue is in the name CHRIST MASS Christmas.

We were warned that things were expensive here but on the whole I found them reasonable even the Beer and Russell bought a Camera for £80 in the UK it would have cost £150

While sitting a Restaurant in the old part Narita a young couple walked in with a push chair, nothing unusual about that except inside was a Pug Dog that was treated like a baby. That dog stories did not finish there as a few minutes later a man rushed in with a holdall with a lot of barking come from inside he vanished upstairs. One thing is for sure if we had any leftover from a meal I would not have asked for a Doggy Bag
Love Japanese food but unusual way to advertise choice. Wonder food doesn't slip of plate

FIAS the World governing body is going from strength to strength and the Congress gets bigger and bigger a full report will be given later . I, Martin Clarke received a special Plaque for outstanding organisation  of President's Cup and Worldwide Development of Sambo.

With FIAS President Shestakov

I look quite slim?

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