Saturday, 22 November 2014

Visit to Kodokan what a waste of time

Today we decided to miss the World Sambo and visit the Kodokan in Tokyo the birthplace of Judo and what a mistake that was. A one way Taxi fare was £180 so we decide to go by Train the cheaper option but was a palaver changing trains took 2- 5 hours to get to the Kodokan.

What a disappointment that was it was just like an Office Building and the Dojo was big but had no Character, there is more character and a sense of History at London's BudoKai and my own Dojo.

Kano's Statue

The saving grace was they had a Kata competition in progress with many high grades present I have included the Ju No Kata demonstrated by two high grade Ladies. The journey back was even worse 3.5 hours, the trip was a waste of time and money should have stopped at the World Sambo Championships.

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