Tuesday, 18 November 2014

start of trip to Japan

My trip to the World Sambo Championships in Narita Japan Champion has started and what a trip 24 hours. I decide on using Emirates Airline which is a 2 part trip fly to Dubai then to Tokyo. This was my first time in Business Class and have to admit had a very good service. It was enjoyable to try Japanese food on the second flight was delight but 6 hours on the first flight and 8 hours on the second was  long haul I watched 6 movies. The seat in Business class stretch out to a full bed but they did not cater for someone my size, the same as the Taxi in Japan. The cost here is quite frightening a Taxi to Tokyo from the Narita View Hotel was £185 that was 45 miles and even the train fare was £20  and then you had to have a taxi to the aeroport where the railway station was at extra cost of £15 so total cost £35 compare that with a trip to London at £17.50p of peak.
Myself Russell and Robin ended up visiting Narita a traditional Town where there was a Monastery, this is exactly what I expected of Japan and we enjoyed the walk about although the steps did give my knees some stick. The hotel room left a lot to be desired especially with the smell of stale tobacco but the first breakfast very Japanese was excellent and very healthy. mainly fish fresh or pickled veg.
Trying the local cultural Beer Sake and peas in the pod they give you these instead of peanutts
I Have travelled the world and although I could not speak the language you could get away with using some simple English words for example Centre or Centrum Not in Japan those who could speak English had little grasped of the language and pronunciation. For example I ask for Sambo no one understood I showed them a picture and the word they smiled and said the word Sambo emphasising the BO. Camera are very reasonably priced if nothing else is

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